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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Another Day, Another Two Months Gone

Unbelievably, today is the first of March, and it has been another two months since I last posted.  Gaps like that are potentially fatal for bloggers, but I am hopeful that those of you who read this will forgive me the lapse and continue to accompany me on my sometimes convoluted and difficult journey.

I have a tendency, when things get difficult, to withdraw into myself and neither seek help nor share my struggle.  Since the whole point of starting this blog, just over a year ago, was to do both those things, it has been totally counterproductive of me to turn away from writing just at the time I need it most.  But in the spirit of self-compassion, I am acknowledging that and letting it go.  What was, was.  What will be, I hope, will be regular posting again as I start moving forward once more.

Thanks to those of you who have told me that you've missed my posts, and that you value what I have to say.  I appreciate that deeply.

Imua!  (Forward!)

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  1. Glad you're back, Sherry. Maybe we can 'pedal along' together . . . :)